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Criminology in the New Millennium


Black Women's Experiences of Criminal Justice
(Second Edition)
Race, Gender and Crime: A Discourse on Disadvantage

Ruth Chigwada-Bailey

Black Women's Experiences of Criminal Justice was first published in 1997 and has been reprinted several times in response to popular demand. It deals with the multiple hazards of discrimination-on the basis of race, gender and class-faced by black women who come into contact with the criminal justice process of England and Wales.

This updated and revised version includes information about developments since that time. The book includes first-hand accounts by black women prisoners concerning their treatment by and impressions of the English criminal process. The text has become key reading for practitioners and students alike.

Five years after writing the first edition of this book, Ruth Chigwada-Bailey remains of the view that if the interaction of race, gender, class and criminal justice is to be taken seriously there remains a need not simply for relevant information and understanding but to 'make things happen'.

Update contents include:

  • Extract from the Foreword to the First Edition
    by Sylvia Denman CBE
  • New Introduction to the 2002 Edition by the author

Revised chapters from the original work:

  • A Combination of Forces
  • Voices Unheard; Police and Black Women
  • Probation and Black Women
  • Experience of the Courts
  • Beatrice's Case (an extended account of one black woman's perceptions of her arrest, trial and imprisonment)
  • Black Women and Imprisonment
  • Hopes and Ambitions
  • Plus an Appendix: Historical Background to Modern-Day Problems of 'Immigrant' Labour in Britain

ISBN 2002 ISBN 1 872 870 52 X

Price £10.00
Plus p&p UK £1.50 (more than 3 copies £5), Europe £3.50, Outside Europe £6.00

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Race Gender and Crime by Ruth Chigwada-Bailey

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